Many organisations are facing significant challenges in these times of austerity. Finding savings, securing external investment, generating additional income and improving productivity are all areas where support can be provided.

Whether it is delivering transformation and supporting organisations and teams or working with individuals to help them achieve their ambitions.

DE Management solutions can assist you to develop your plans and strategies for the future, reviewing your current arrangements or considering the options in response to changes in external markets. Sharing the learning and skills that have been developed during over 20 years in the public sector and working with the private sector.

  • Forming effective ways of delivering on the priorities.
  • Transforming services and developing innovative solutions
  • Supporting operational research and evidence based decision making
  • Providing senior office support to cover key roles on an interim basis
  • Developing the people in your organisation either on a one to one basis or in group settings.



Here are just a few of the recommendations I have received. More details can be seen on my LinkedIn page

‘David played a leading role in establishing, overseeing and clienting a number of partnerships that successfully led to reduced cost, improved performance and better resilience.and on developing a range of digital initiatives and behaviour change projects at a time of significant change and financial challenge for local authorities. ‘
‘David was a trusted partner as we resolved issues with the communities thrown up by the extreme conditions. His commitment and innovation was an important factor in enabling affected communities to recover and build a more resilient future. He has the ability to see the bigger picture, find solutions, and see projects through to completion.’
‘David maintained a clear strategic view throughout, regardless of the difficult and politically charged work programme. The public reception to proposals was hostile at times, and yet David continued to maintain a calm exterior while dealing with areas of conflict. I found David to be very approachable and a good listener – valuable skills for his coaching role. He had the ability to deliver change in such a way that it was accepted rather than feared and really engaged with officers. ‘
‘David is a strong leader with excellent people skills. He sees where the facts of the issue argue for a preferred strategy and is then able to bring members and officers along to deliver the outcome. He is intellectually highly capable but also has the integrity and range of interpersonal approaches to win support. Very open minded with the judgement to discern between genuine innovation/ change and poorly thought through fad. It was fascinating to see how each service David turned his attention to improved in outcome and value for money.’

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